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The Value of an Advanced Skillset in Finances

October 09, 2013 - 1 minute read

Scott Ferguson

Scott Ferguson, MBA '13

Scott Ferguson enrolled in Concordia's MBA program because of the University's great reputation as a quality school, the flexibility it offered with his work schedule, and because of the value. “The cost was low comparatively while not compromising the education I received,” Scott recalls. Scott thought that the relevance of the program, along with the flexibility in courses, was compelling. “Concordia’s program allowed me to focus on the courses that would specifically advance my career in the areas that would be most impactful,” he said.

After obtaining an advanced skillset in finances, Scott moved on to a position in the financial services industry. Now Partner at Thrivent Financial, he currently trains new financial reps and helps veteran reps with business planning and marketing. “I obtained a great foundation in both of those categories,” Scott says, attributing his career growth and transition to the education he received at Concordia University Irvine.

Asked about the impact of Concordia's MBA program on his professional life today, Scott credits the program with providing "both strategic and people skills that have shaped my leadership style and increased my effectiveness in running a profitable business."

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