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Opportune Networking Through the MBA Program

September 30, 2013 - 0 minute read

Elizabeth Tisor

Elizabeth Tisor, MBA '11

Elizabeth Tisor heard about Concordia University from her husband, who "raved" about the school while he was working on his master's degree in the teaching program. She immediately fell in love with the campus and enrolled in the MBA program in order to advance her career in human resources.

Elizabeth's experience with Concordia lived up to her husband's. Professors Janet Muller and James Grandy were two of the faculty she found to be "commensurate professionals in their fields" and benefitted professionally from their expertise. Elizabeth also found opportunities for internships and networking, which allowed her to advance in her career while still pursuing her degree.

After graduating in 2011, Elizabeth was promoted to HR Manager at Thales Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity. She credits Concordia with providing her "the opportunity to add value to the clients that I support in understanding the business acumen as well as provide the HR expertise."

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