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MBA a Source of Confidence

October 08, 2013 - 1 minute read

Veronica Steele

Veronica Steele, MBA '13

As an undergraduate alumna of Concordia University Irvine, Veronica Steele was well aware of the MBA program, but she found herself fearful of it. "To be more specific, I was fearful of the math courses, Accounting and Finance." Her background with math "included a lot of long nights crying at the dinner table while my dad tried to tutor me in fractions." It wasn't until she attended one of the MBA Soirees that she noticed something unique about Concordia's MBA: she would not be alone. "The professors are present, available, helpful, and encouraging."

Of all her professors, it was Professor of Finance Janet Muller who had the most profound influence on Veronica. "Professor Muller adjusted the focus on concepts I already knew, allowing me to see clearly how they interlink. She was always available for my group when we needed help on our project. Moreover, she was available to each of us individually to help us on our strengths and weaknesses." Overcoming the fear that had kept Veronica from pursuing her MBA now became a source of confidence: "Professor Muller's class was the first time I ever enjoyed math....I gained more confidence from her class than in any class I have ever taken."

Since graduating with her MBA, Veronica has lined up several speaking engagements at conferences nationwide, including a workshop at Hobsons' annual product user's conference and the Global Strategic Management Institute's Social Media Strategies Summit. "Presenting and hosting workshops on how to create social media strategies has become my calling, one I wouldn't have been brave enough to answer if not for Concordia's MBA Program. The program helped me develop a voice for my talent by teaching me how to lead, stay driven, set goals and strategize."

Veronica and her husband recently relocated to Seattle, where she accepted a position as Social Media Operations Manager for Amazon Web Services. The first in her family to earn a master's degree, Veronica is also inspiring them to further their own education. Being the youngest in the family who typically followed in her sisters' footsteps, her journey has inspired her sister to work towards her master's degree. As Veronica put it, "This was an amazing adventure!"

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