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Masters Degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration – Online and Campus

Masters Degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration – Online and Campus

Starting the first term with just 9 students, the MCAA program has quickly grown and currently has 600 enrolled students. While continuing to grow into the #1 Coaching Masters Program in the country, our commitment to a practical, student-centered, customer service based education has not changed.

The MCAA program offers an outstanding professional development opportunity for coaches and athletic administrators. As both coaching and athletic administration grow as professional disciplines, the MCAA program is designed to enhance leadership skills, strengthen teaching and administrative abilities, and infuse ethics and values into athletics. Those enrolling in the program will receive a comprehensive education in:

  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Sportsmanship in Athletics
  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Sports Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Issues in Sport
  • Strategic Planning for Athletics
  • Injury Prevention, Care and Management
  • Training, Conditioning and Nutrition
  • Event and Facility Planning
  • Utilization of Technology in Sport
  • Sport Specific Coaching Techniques

In addition to the degree-seeking applicants, non-degree-seeking students are encouraged to take the opportunity to enroll in any of the exceptional classes offered within the program. A student can take up to two courses without enrolling in the program.

In the Summer of 2011, the MCAA program created and began hosting an annual California Coaches Conferences. Available to students in all 50 states, the California Coaches Conference offers students a unique opportunity to receive hands-on training in various sport-specific courses, while also benefiting from daily keynote speakers. The 2012 California Coaches Conference will take place from June 25th through June 29th. Interested applicants should contact Alex Ackles at 949-214-3266 or [email protected] or Dave Cowen at 949-214-3262 or [email protected].

For more information on the MCAA program or to complete an application, please visit the MCAA section of the Concordia University website, or contact Chris Lewis at 949-214-3025.

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