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Mathematics Department Honored During Inaugural Greater Irvine Chamber Distinguished Educators Awards

Concordia's Mathematics Professors

Concordia's Mathematics Professors

OCTOBER 29, 2021 Irvine, CA—The Greater Irvine Chamber celebrated Irvine educators and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) programs during the Greater Irvine Chamber Distinguished Educators event.

“The Greater Irvine Chamber celebrates Irvine’s world-class education as part of what helps the city live up to its promise as a model master-planned community,” said Bryan Starr, president, and CEO, Greater Irvine Chamber. “Our world-class schools, colleges, and universities are vital community partners. We commend all of our talented and committed educators and the programs they lead.”

Among those honored was the Concordia University Irvine Mathematics Department as a Distinguished Program.

CUI’s Mathematics Department is unique among STEAM fields because it predominantly comprises females with advanced degrees. The department has implemented teaching strategies to impact various learning styles through “inquiry-based learning,” which incorporates both individual and collective learning strategies. The department also offers a distinctive general education course in CUI’s Enduring Questions & Ideas core curriculum. The mathematics course incorporates techniques designed to increase the perspective and understanding of what mathematics is and how it relates to the great questions of humanity. The course is intentionally paired with a philosophy course to investigate and consider relationships between the two fields.

Concordia University is proud of its Mathematics Department’s continuous work, especially Professor Julie Melberg, Dr. Amanda Croll, and Dr. Melinda Schulteis, to foster students and facilitate an engaging curriculum.

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