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SB 1146 Update from President Krueger

SB 1146 Update from President Krueger

Dear Concordia family and friends,

I appreciate that many of you joined Concordia University Irvine in voicing opposition to Senate Bill 1146 (SB 1146), authored by California State Senator Lara. As you know, previous versions of the bill threatened our religious freedoms and our ability to serve California students who desire a Christian education. You also know that Concordia has been working with legislative leaders, Senator Lara’s office, and other groups to amend this bill.

Your voice has greatly enhanced these efforts, and yesterday good news was shared about Senator Lara’s intent to amend SB 1146. Today Senator Lara informed the Assembly Appropriations Committee that he will amend SB 1146 to exclude provisions that threaten our religious freedoms and keep Cal Grant students from choosing Christian schools like Concordia. The amended bill retains disclosure requirements and adds a new item requiring institutions to disclose reasons for student expulsions to the California Student Aid Commission. If the amendments reflect Senator Lara’s expressed intent, Concordia will support SB 1146 moving forward.

If you have been following SB 1146, you have undoubtedly heard rhetoric about future proposed laws and regulations that some want to impose upon schools like Concordia. Be assured that we will continue to actively oppose challenges to the free exercise of our religious beliefs. Also be assured that Concordia University Irvine will continue to welcome all students, and that we will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people, while remaining committed to our core religious beliefs.

It appears that we have won a battle in the war to defend religious freedom, but we anticipate that many more battles remain.

Thank you for your support of Concordia’s important Christian mission.

We will continue to post updates regarding SB 1146, as promised.

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