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Description + Regulations

The Knowledge Bowl allows academically gifted students the opportunity to match their intellectual skills against others of comparable ability and provides an avenue for fellowship among LEST participants.


  1. Each school is allowed one team of no more than 5 members. Each team may have two 8th graders or two 7th graders, but not two of each of those grade levels (two 7th graders and two 8th graders may not be on the team at the same time). Alternates may be used as substitutes, but may be substituted only between matches, not during a match.
  2. Tournament format (bracket, pool play, etc.) will be determined by the number of schools entered in the Knowledge Bowl. Typically, matches will last approximately 10 minutes with 5 minutes between matches. Each round includes 10 questions or a 10-minute time limit, whichever comes first. The championship match will be 15 minutes in length with no question limit. The Knowledge Bowl schedule will be published in January.
  3. Questions will be selected from any of the following categories, but NOT necessarily from all: Fine Arts, Language Arts, Math, Religion, Science, Current Events, and Social Studies.
  4. All questions will be worth 10 points and each team will be given the question simultaneously. The teams will have 20 seconds to write their responses. When time is up, the answer must be displayed to the judge or the team will be ineligible to receive points for that question. If a wrong answer is written the team will not receive any points. If there is a tie at the end of a round, additional questions will be asked until the tie is broken (up to 5 additional questions). If there is still a tie, a question with a number answer will be asked, and the team that is closest (either above or below the answer) will be the winner.
  5. All answers will be written. Calculations may be necessary, but no calculators will be allowed. Writing surfaces and pens will be provided for each team.
  6. Each team will have an appointed captain who will act as the writer for each answer. The captain will be seated in the center of his/her team.
  7. Each team is to have an adult "coach" who will be present at the competition. Coaches are responsible for their team's promptness to the competition and for their team's behavior at all times.
  8. If a scoring error is believed to have been made, the coach must notify the judge immediately. The judge can call time-out to bring the error to the attention of the moderator to be resolved.

Knowledge Bowl Team Leaders

Jeff Mallison, D.Phil.
Concordia University Irvine
Chair and Professor, History
and Political Thought ACH

Karl Blanke
Crean Lutheran High School
Math Teacher, English Teacher,
Speech and Debate Coach, Mock
Trial Coach, Law Cohort

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