The Concordia Experience for Musicians

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Academic & Music Scholarships

Concordia’s musicians, on average, receive some of the most generous financial aid packages available at the university because they stack academic scholarships and music scholarships. All university students have the same access to the top music and academic scholarships, regardless of major.

International Tours & Low Student Cost

Each year, Concordia supports an international music ensemble tour. The cost for student performers is only app. 25% of the actual cost of the trip.

Recent and upcoming tours:

Any Major & Great Performance Opportunities

Concordia’s top music ensembles are filled with students studying to be music professionals, scientists, church workers, business leaders, historians, writers, and many other interests. They are not restricted to the top music major performers. Instead, they include any student who wants life enrichment through performance excellence and music ministry. Many proudly take on the title of “honorary music major!”

Music Education & Church Music & Commercial Music & Composition & Performance

All Concordia music majors study in a rigorous core of music classes aimed at developing general musicianship, performance musicianship, musical leadership & collaboration, critical listening, and an intellectual understanding of the various contexts of music. Additionally, they have options for a more focused education in a field within music.

Fun & Friends & Lifelong Memories

Typical things we hear from alumni: “I miss singing/playing in Concordia’s music groups.” “The concerts and worship services that we performed music in were so meaningful.” “Remember when…(followed by a lively tour story)” and even “You are cordially invited to our wedding!” The college years are unforgettable, and participation in music multiplies the fun, friends, and memories!

Fast Facts

  • The Music Program employs 6 full-time professors, 27 adjunct professors, 3 full-time staff musicians, 2 full-time support staff professionals, and 15-20 student workers.
  • Concordia has 2 orchestras, 2 jazz ensembles, 4 choirs, 4 worship bands, 4 handbell ensembles, and many chamber ensembles.
  • 186 students performed in ensembles in Fall 2015. Almost all of them received a music scholarship. Student participation is on a growth trend that projects having 250 students involved by Fall 2019.
  • 36 music majors were enrolled in Fall 2015. The current growth trend indicates that more than 50 will be enrolled by Fall 2019.
  • A new music building featuring ensemble rehearsal rooms, recital space, private lesson studios, classrooms, practice rooms, and a recording studio suite is planned to open in 2018. Architectural designer: Bauer Architects. Acoustical design: Walters-Storyk Design Group.

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