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Dedicated to authentically portraying the culture, mission, and beliefs of Concordia University Irvine, the Web Team studies the way users interact with our website and intersect with relevant market trends.

By constantly examining the way users move through pages (web traffic analysis) we keep a pulse on the website. We then ask questions: "Are people finding what they need without difficulty?" "Is the content accurate?" "Is the text readable?" "Are features consistent with the users' expectations?"

Keeping in mind that answers change as users change, we creatively meet the user in the moment.

The landscape of the internet changes dramatically and quickly. Twenty years ago websites were virtually nonexistent. Now they are the most common way of accessing information. Delivery systems, coding platforms, and the language of the web change dramatically every few years. As a result, we are constantly studying and researching the art and science of websites. And the study isn't simply for fun. It's about keeping CUI relevant and connecting with users in the most powerful way possible. Anything short of that and users will begin making negative judgments.

Visit the Web Team page to read more about our philosophy and reference our common styles and guidelines.

Submit a Request

If you would like to have something updated or added to the website, we ask you to please submit your request to [email protected]. This will create a ticket in our help desk, and you will receive a confirmation that your request has been received. Most tickets are solved within 1-3 business days. Larger pieces of work will be deemed "projects" and go through a planning and scheduling process.

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