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Science Exposition

Lutheran Elementary School Tournament (L.E.S.T.)

Friday, April 30, 12:00pm-1:30pm (PST)
Results posted April 30

Outstanding Award in Science

Concordia, Seattle

St. John's, Napa

L.E.S.T. 2022

President's Day Weekend at Concordia University Irvine

aerial view from French hill

L.E.S.T. is planning to return to an in-person gathering in 2022! Hosted at Concordia University Irvine's campus in Southern California, the tournament will offer many of our most popular events, including:

  • Basketball
  • Cheer
  • Dance & Drill
  • Drama
  • Knowledge Bowl
  • Math
  • Music
  • Science
  • Speech & Debate

Details will continue to be provided here at For more information, please contact Rev. Bil Hood, Sr. Director of External Relations, at (949) 214-3189 or [email protected].


The Science Exposition allows students interested in science the opportunity to match their problem-solving skills against other students with similar interests and provides an avenue for fellowship among L.E.S.T. participants.

The Science Exposition rounds last approximately one hour. Team members should be present together at one site and visually online with the judges the entire time.

Each school is allowed one team of no more than 5 participants. Each team may have two 8th graders or two 7th graders, but not two of each of those grade levels (two 7th graders and two 8th graders may not be on the team at the same time). Alternates may be used if a team member is absent.

One adult “team sponsor” needs to be present with each team. Other parents, teachers, and family members may not be in the room. The sponsors are responsible for their team’s attendance and cooperation. The sponsors do not participate in the scientific inquiry process and cannot talk to their team during the exposition.

The teams will be presented with a science topic to investigate. Each team will be provided a list of all materials and participants will work cooperatively to develop a hypothesis, conduct a scientific inquiry, record, and report their results.

Goal of the Science Exposition

School teams will work cooperatively to develop a testable hypothesis, critically analyze the results, and orally present the findings.

Objectives of the Science Exposition

The students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method.
  2. Work cooperatively.
  3. Develop a testable hypothesis.
  4. Conduct an experiment to test their hypothesis.
  5. Orally present their testable hypothesis, data and conclusions to their peers.
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