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What Do We Want Adjuncts to Know?

Adjunct faculty teach classes on the Concordia University Campus, at the other campus sites (Cohort Educational Campuses, Online and Abroad), through technologically mediated distance education delivery methods, at cohort sites, in the China/International Program, and in Summer School. Concordia University appreciates the expertise adjunct faculty bring to the classroom and their flexibility to help out and teach at so many different times and places and in so many different formats.

This web page provides access to multiple resources that may provide assistance to adjunct faculty members.

Required Adjunct Faculty Training

As a condition of your contact you are required to complete training in the prevention of workplace harassment. First time employees complete the beginning course. Returning adjuncts are required to complete a refresher course on an annual basis. Visit the Training to Prevent Workplace Harassment page for detailed information.

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What Do Adjuncts Want to Know?

Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Class Logistics

1. How and when do I receive a class roster?

Your official class roster must be accessed by logging into MyRecords(Banner Web) and selecting the Faculty Services option. Rosters in the Blackboard LMS are not considered official rosters. Please check your MyRecords roster often as registration changes occur, especially throughout the first two weeks of the semester. 

2. What if my roster (MyRecords) and students don't match?

During the drop/add period this is not unusual as students can add classes during the first 5 days without permission and can drop at any time during the first 10 days of class. If your final roster (after the second week of the semester) does not match your students, tell the student(s) in question to contact the Office of the Registrar.

3. Is it all right to start class late or end class early?

Each class meets according to a required number of contact hours. Thus, it is important that you teach your class according to the published dates, days, and times.

Using MyRecords

4. What is MyRecords?
Now that you have been hired, you have access to BannerWeb, the repository and access point for university information for students, faculty and staff.

How do I access MyRecords?
is accessed from the Concordia University home page, Select the BannerWeb link. Enter your ID and your PIN. To receive your PIN, contact the Office of the Registrar in Grimm Hall, 1st floor, or call 949-214-3081. Follow the instructions. If you are not successful, contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance with your login information. Once you have successfully logged in, select the appropriate link for the task at hand.

Where is my paycheck information?
Once you have logged in to MyRecords, select Pay Information under the Employee link.

How do I update my address and phone number?

After login, go to Personal Information and then to Update Addresses and Phones. Correct the appropriate section.

How do I find my class roster?
After login, select My Faculty Tools link then choose Summary Class Roster. You are required to check your roster throughout the semester.

What about my Faculty Assignments? Under My Faculty Tools select Faculty Detailed Schedule.

Where can I find the University calendar? A link to the academic calendar is on the Registrar's page of Concordia's website.

Instructor/Course Evaluation

5. Concerning evaluations:
How am I evaluated? You will be evaluated by students every semester. This evaluation process will be initiated by the school in which you are teaching. 

How will I find out what the results were? Results of student and any faculty evaluations should be made available to you through the dean's office.


6. Where do I locate the University's academic calendar?
The academic calendar - which lists all important dates, e.g., beginning and end of instruction, fee refund dates, add and drop dates, holidays, etc - is available in the university catalog, and on the Concordia University website

7. How much direction will I receive on the course curriculum and how much freedom will I have to design my own curriculum?
This varies according to department. In some departments a specified course text is required; in others you may be free to choose your own. In some departments the syllabus is defined. In most departments, however, you may be asked to develop your own syllabus. If this is the case in your department, you can ask the department chair for assistance and/or for examples of syllabi for comparable courses.

8. What should go into my syllabus?
Concordia University uses a template for all syllabi. Contact your dean/division chair for the area you area teaching. Generally the syllabus contains: Course name and section number, current semester, your name, campus phone number, email address, office location, information on how students can contact you, office hours, required texts, expected learning outcomes, means by which those learning outcomes will be assessed, explanation of grading criteria, attendance policy, course requirements, important dates, perhaps a daily class calendar. It is also a good idea to add the final drop date of the semester, as a reminder to students.

If you are teaching a technology-delivered distance education class, you may also need to include broadcast times and days, test dates and sites, and other information relevant to distance education. Contact the dean for detailed information.

Teaching Privileges

9. Will I have library privileges?
With a university issued ID, adjuncts have the same library privileges as full-time faculty, i.e., item checkout allowance; end of semester due dates no late fees. Library tours are available for classes. Contact the Library at 949-214-3090. 

10. How do I get an ID card to utilize these privileges?
After you receive a contract, you can go to Human Resource Services and pick up a form which you then take to the photo ID office in Admin 120.

11. Where do I park?
Parking stickers for the Concordia campus parking may be obtained in the Security office, Admin 120. Reserved faculty parking can be found along Concordia Drive and the across from the Administration building. You will need your ID number to obtain a faculty parking sticker.

12. Can I expect to have an office, a phone, and a computer?
In many cases, adjunct faculty who are teaching on the Concordia campus will be provided with a shared office and phone. Computers are available in designated faculty workrooms. However, this varies from school to school and is not the case in every department. Contact the your dean/department chair for more information.


13. Am I expected to hold office hours for students?
Yes, you should make yourself available to students during scheduled hours, before or after class and/or by phone or email. This information should be provided to students on your course syllabus. Some instructors have created class web pages for consultations.

14. Am I expected to attend and/or may I attend division/school faculty meetings?
You are not required to attend these meetings, but in most cases you are encouraged and are welcome to attend. Contact your dean or department chair for more information.

Teaching Support

15. How do I photocopy material for my class?
Many divisions/school have photocopy machines which adjuncts are allowed to use. In many cases, it may be easier and less expensive to make copies through the Copy Center. Contact Copy Center/Mail Services at 949-214-3157 or email [email protected] for information. Generally, you can email your document to the copy center, tell them when you need your copies, and they will be available for you to pick up during regular business hours. The Copy Center is located behind and below the Grimm Student Union building.

16. Is it OK to photocopy published articles for my students?
Questions about current interpretation of copyright law may be referred to the Reference Desk in the Concordia Library, at 949-214-3092. For questions about reserve and electronic reserve contact the Reserve Desk, 949-214-3090.

Enrollment-Related Policies

17. How do I handle adds and drops (Traditional Undergraduate)?
A course may be added during the first week of the semester without instructor approval. During the second week of the semester, a course may be added with instructor approval. Each school has the prerogative to limit the add period to the first week of the semester with instructor approval.

A course may be dropped during the first two weeks of a semester without being recorded on the permanent record, with the approval of the academic counselor and the instructor. A student who does not attend the first day of class may be dropped at the prerogative of the instructor. A course may be dropped from week 3-11, with a grade of "W," with the approval of the academic counselor and instructor. A course may not be dropped after week 11. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal from a course and will result in a grade of "F."

Failure to follow the official procedures outlined above will result in credit not being granted for courses not officially added or the assigning of the grade of "F" for courses not officially dropped. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal from a class.

For Adult and Graduate programs, please contact your Dean or Program Director for program specific add/drop deadlines. 

18. What do I do about incompletes?
Instructors can enter a grade of I (for incomplete) if both of the following conditions are present:

a. The student's work has been satisfactory up to the last three weeks of the semester.

b. Extenuating circumstances make it impossible for the student to complete the course before the end of the semester.

The instructor and the student must sign a contract stipulating the work the student must do, and the time in which it must be done in order to receive a grade. The instructor will give the student an incomplete grade (i.e. IC, ID or IF) at the time of grading. Upon the student's successful completion of work, the instructor must submit the Grade Change Request through his/her MyRecords account. Change of Grade forms can also be made via email; however, the grade change can only be made via your email address.

Books, Tests, Grades

19. How do I order textbooks/desk copies?

Contact your dean/department chair for assistance.

20. Do I have to give a final exam and when?
You are required to have a final exam or final project that meets on the schedule final exam day. See directory of classes for final exam schedule. To view the final examination schedule go to Select the Registrar's Office link, which takes you directly to the Registrar's home page. From the list, select Final Examination Schedule. The schedule for the current semester will appear. Scroll down the document until you find the information for your class time. If you need assistance in reading the Final Exam schedule, please contact the Office of the Registar at [email protected]

21. How and when do I receive a grade sheet?
All grades must be submitted through MyRecords. Select My Faculty Tools, then select Submit Final Grades. You must grade anyone on your roster at final grade time. It is extremely important that you have checked and re-checked the names of students on your roster. 

22. What should be included in my grade book?
A record of attendance and record of points used to compute the final grade.

Other Questions?

23. Check out the Adjunct Faculty Handbook

24. What if I have an emergency (car, health, etc.)?

Contact your dean's office if you have an 8:30am or later class, contact Security at 949-214-3000 if you have a 7:30am class. University personnel will post your course cancellation.

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