Online Bachelors Degrees Transfer Credits

Office of the Registrar

Online Bachelor's Degree Transfer Alignments

General Guidelines:

  1. Concordia University will accept transfer units completed at undergraduate, degree granting, US institutions fully accredited by one of the regional accrediting bodies.
  2. CUI will also accept units from international institutions that are formally recognized by their country's ministry of education (requires transcript evaluation by a CUI-approved agency).
  3. Concordia accepts the following General Education certifications to fulfill most of the university’s general education requirements:
    • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)
    • California State University (CSU) General Education Breadth requirements
    • Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)
    • Oregon and Washington’s Direct Transfer Associate degree (DTA).  Comparable transfer certifications from other states can be considered on a case by case basis.
    • Associate of Arts (AA) and the Associate of Science (AS) degrees that meet the CSU General Education Breadth requirements
  4. Course requirements for the IGETC, CSU General Education Breadth, ADT, DTA, comparable transfer certifications, and the AA and AS degrees must be completed prior to matriculating to Concordia.
  5. Official certifications and degrees must be submitted upon completion of all required courses.
  6. A total of eighty-eight (88) semester units are allowed for transfer students, of which a maximum of seventy (70) semester units may be transferred from a regionally accredited community college.
  7. Additionally, within the 88 and 70 semester units, only 30 non-accredited, credit by exam (AP, CLEP, DSST), and/or military units may be transferred.
  8. Concordia will accept grades of C- or better towards general education or elective credit.  Only grades of C or better may be applied towards a major or minor requirements for graduation.

If you plan to complete CUI’s Online Bachelor's Degree general education program, please use the information below to see how your Community College courses should transfer. CUI will accept Community College GE transfer coursework from courses which will satisfy similar category requirements in the CSU or IGETC programs. Please see the chart below to see which categories are considered similar. (Students can use to find out which CSU/IGETC category a particular course fulfills.)

Concordia GE CSU IGETC
Area A: Communication (9 units) Area A Area 1
A1 – Communication A1 Group C
A2 – Writing A2 Group A
A3 – Philosophy/Critical Thinking A3 Group B
Area B: Physical Universe and Life Forms (10 units) Area B Areas 2 & 5
B1 – Biological Science B2 5B
B2 – Physical Science B1 5A
B3 – Science Lab B3 5C
B4 – Mathematics B4 Any from 2
Area C: Humanities & Fine Arts (9 units) Area C Area 3
C1 – Fine Arts C1 Arts
C2 – Humanities C2 Humanities
C3 – Fine Arts or Humanities C1 or C2 Arts or Humanities
Area D: Social & Behavioral Sciences (9 units) Area D Area 4
D1 – Soc. Or Behavioral Science D0-D9 Any from 4
D2 – Soc. Or Behavioral Science D0-D9 Any from 4
D3 – Soc. Or Behavioral Science D0-D9 Any from 4
Area E: Life-long Understanding & Self Dev. (3 units) Area E No similar category
E1 – Health Any from E  
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