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The Campaign for Eagle Athletics.

NCAA Division 2

NCAA Division 2

"Excellence"is the driving theme for the Eagle Athletics program at Concordia University Irvine. Our recent transition to the NCAA marks a new era within Eagle Athletics, and we are committed to providing our student athletes with the facilities and resources that will support their outstanding achievements, both on and off the field.

On the field, in the classroom, or throughout our communities, our Eagles are held to the highest standards. It is our mission to help student athletes achieve academic and athletic excellence to prepare them for lives of learning, service and leadership in their God-given vocations.

Our Eagle Athletics programs will benefit from several key initiatives within Concordia's updated campus master plan and our comprehensive Forward in Faith campaign. A new Eagles Athletic Complex will serve all of our outdoor teams. New field lights will impact every student by freeing up the academic day and allowing practices and games in the evenings. Together we can collectively change the student athlete experience and ask you to prayerfully consider being a part of that change.

Funding Progress

The Forward in Faith campaign includes $4M for near-term athletic goals enabling the university to move forward by 2020. Looking out to 2023, a total of $6.75M in funding needs have been identified and are detailed below.




Raised to date


Total goal

Eagle Athletics Campaign Initiatives

Below are some of our high priority goals for enhancing the student and spectator experience for Eagle Athletics. On the form below, you can indicate where you would like for your gift to be directed. Gifts of any size are appreciated.

Eagle Athletic Complex

The Eagle Athletic Complex will serve all of our outdoor sports. It will equip our student-athletes with the much needed resources they deserve, such as a weight room and new locker rooms. This will enable our student-athletes to compete at a higher level and ultimately provide them with resources that match their commitment to success here at Concordia.

Naming Rights $2,000,000
Weight Room   $500,000
Viewing Deck   $250,000
Team Locker Rooms (4 total)    $50,000 each
Officials' Locker Rooms (2 total)    $25,000 each
Total $3,000,000
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Joe Turgeon

“These renovations will give our student-athletes a facility to push them to be the best they can be and give our fans a great in-game experience. Lights will enable us to practice and compete at night which means less class time missed and a greater chance for our student-athletes to succeed off the field. It means further engagement with the community while offering our family and friends a better chance to watch us compete.” – Joe Turgeon, Head Baseball Coach

Field Lights   $800,000
Grandstands   $500,000
Backstop   $125,000
Halo    $75,000
Total $1,500,000
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Crystal Rosenthal

“My goal when I became a coach was to create a program and experience greater than I had when I was a player here.” – Crystal Rosenthal, Head Softball Coach. From 2013 National Champions to 2018 PacWest Conference champions, Coach Rosenthal has built a tradition of success. Currently, the program lacks locker rooms, field lights, or sufficient seating to support the level of success this program has achieved.

Field Lights $675,000
Bleachers $125,000
Team Locker Room  $75,000
Total $875,000
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Lacrosse, Track & Soccer

Chris Gould

Combined, the soccer field and track serve the largest percent of our student-athletes. “As a former player, and now coach, Concordia has done everything possible to add value to our program, but we are at a point where we can no longer do it by ourselves.” - Chris Gould, Director of Soccer. The field lights will free up academic schedules by enabling practices and competitions to take place in the evenings. This gives all students - not just athletes - more flexibility and a better experience in the classroom, supporting their excellence on the field as well.

Field Lights $550,000
Long Jump Pit  $25,000
Pole Vault Pit  $25,000
Total $600,000
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Beach Volleyball

Our Beach Volleyball team currently practices offsite at a local community park. The commute off campus comes with liabilities, time constraints, and other challenges for our student-athletes. This new facility will provide our team a home of their own and introduce students to one of the fastest-growing collegiate sports.

Complex Naming Rights $150,000
Naming Rights for Individual Courts (3)  $75,000 each
Total $375,000
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Arena Locker Room

Paula Weishoff

Without proper accommodations for our student-athletes, it makes it difficult to compete at the level they are capable of. The CU Arena houses the only true locker rooms on campus, and our programs not only share with each other, but with visiting teams as well. Providing adequate space, and a home away from home, for student-athletes will enhance team fellowship, provide NCAA-level facilities, and add another layer of excellence off the court.

Men's Basketball  $50,000
Women's Basketball FUNDED
Men's Volleyball  $50,000
Women's Volleyball  $50,000
Unfunded Total $150,000
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Eagle Athletic Fund

Ken Ammann

“CUI has been a life-changer for so many who couldn’t afford to go to school because we have given them an opportunity through scholarships that they did not have elsewhere. Being a donor makes you part of the family, and you have the wonderful opportunity to changes lives and make a difference.” – Ken Ammann, Head Men’s Basketball Coach. Over one-third of all undergraduates are involved in Eagle Athletics. The Eagle Athletic Fund allows us to bring students from all walks of life to Concordia and provides them with the Concordia Experience and the resources they truly deserve.

Total $250,000
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Support our student athletes on and off the field

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Forward in Faith
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