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Secondary Teacher Education Emphasis

School of Arts and Sciences



  • Chemistry Core 
  • 37 Units
  • CHE 222: Chemistry II
  • 4

The major topics of this course will include solubility products, chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and qualitative analysis. Lab time is included in the schedule. A lab fee is required. Prerequisite: C- or better in CHE 221.

  • CHE 321: Organic Chemistry I
  • 4

This course will examine the fundamental concepts relating to organic compounds with an emphasis on structure, nomenclature, theory, bonding, stereochemistry, reaction mechanisms, and physical and chemical properties of the principle classes of compounds. Lab time is included in the schedule. A lab fee is required. Prerequisite: CHE 222.

  • CHE 322: Organic Chemistry II
  • 4

This course will focus on aromaticity, advanced synthesis and reaction mechanisms, kinetics, organometallic chemistry, and bio-organic chemistry. A lab fee is required. Prerequisite: CHE 321.

  • CHE 354: Inorganic Chemistry
  • 4

Through a systematic exposition of major trends in structure, bonding, reactivity, and spectroscopy across the periodic table, this course will include main group chemistry, transition metal and coordination chemistry, lanthanide/actinide chemistry, organometallic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, solid state chemistry, electron transfer processes, and generalized concepts of acidity. Lab time is included in the schedule. A lab fee is required. Prerequisites: CHE 222 or consent of instructor.

  • CHE 421: Introduction to Biochemistry
  • 4

This course will provide an introduction to the principles of chemistry that govern life systems including topics in pH and buffers, enzymes, amino acids, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and metabolic pathways with exercises emphasizing protein purification and characterization techniques, plus kinetic modeling. Lab time is included in the schedule. A lab fee is required. Prerequisites: CHE 321 and CHE 322 (concurrent enrollment allowed for CHE 322) or consent of instructor.

  • CHE 424: Analytical Chemistry
  • 4

Theory and fundamental techniques of qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis via classical and advanced instrumental methods will be the focus of this course. Lab time is included in the schedule. A lab fee is required. Prerequisites: CHE 222 and 3.0 GPA in chemistry or consent of instructor.

  • CHE 431: Physical Chemistry 1
  • 4

This course will cover classical thermodynamics: 0th, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd laws, gas laws, and kinetic molecular theory of gases, colligative properties, solubility's, equilibria, phases and phase transitions, and electrochemistry. Lab time is included in the schedule. A lab fee is required. Prerequisites: CHE 222, MTH 272, and PHY 211 or PHY 221; MTH 373 (concurrent enrollment allowed) or consent of instructor.

  • MTH 271: Calculus 1
  • 5

This course will study differential and integral calculus with applications including an emphasis on using calculus to solve problems. Lab time is included in the schedule. A graphing calculator is expected.

  • PHY 211: or PHY 221: Physics I or Calculus-based Physics I
  • 4

PHY 211

This introductory course will emphasize classical mechanics, wave motion, and thermodynamics. Lab time is included in the schedule. A lab fee is required. Prerequisite: Consent of division chair.

PHY 221

This course will study Newtonian mechanics: vectors and scalars, kinematics and dynamics of translational and rotational motion, Newton's laws, speed, velocity, acceleration, force, torque, work, energy, linear and angular momentum, wave and harmonic motion, gravitation, friction, conservation of energy and momentum, thermodynamics. A lab fee is required. Pre-requisite: MTH 271(concurrent enrollment allowed) or consent of instructor.

  • Secondary Teacher Education Emphasis 
  • 13 Units
  • CHE 401: Chemical Education for the Secondary Teacher
  • 3

Development of practical, hands-on, cost effective, and safe strategies for teaching modern chemical concepts, imparting rigor, standards, and conducting exciting, pedagogically effective chemistry laboratory experiments in the secondary school setting will be the focus of this course which meets California K-12 content standards. A lab fee is required. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing.

  • MTH 265: Introduction to Statistics
  • 3

As a basic statistics course applicable to education, business, and the hard sciences, this course will include topics such as descriptive statistics, the normal, binomial, F-, and Chi-squared distributions, and hypothesis testing. Optional topics might include additional non-parametric tests and ANOVA. A TI-83 graphing calculator or Microsoft Excel is required.

  • PHY 212: or PHY 222: Physics II or Calculus-based Physics II
  • 4

PHY 212

As a continuation of PHY 211, this course will emphasize electricity, magnetism, light, optics, and modern physics. Lab time is included in the schedule. A lab fee is required. Prerequisite: PHY 211.

PHY 222

As a continuation of PHY 221, this course will cover thermodynamics, Maxwell's equations of electricity and magnetism, current, voltage, resistance, inductance, reactance, power, optics and optical systems, interference, diffraction, polarization, dispersion, and coherence. Lab time is included in the schedule. A lab fee is required. Prerequisites: PHY 221; MTH 272 (concurrent enrollment allowed) or consent of instructor.

  • SCI 455: History and Philosophy of Science
  • 3

This course will introduce the philosophic nature of science with a literary review of philosophic issues associated with the epistemological and historical development of science starting with ancient Greece through today. Prerequisite: CBIO 101 or consent of instructor. Typically offered every spring semester.

Current students, please note: The requirements listed here may not reflect the most current courses for this major and may not be the requirements for the catalog year you are following to complete your major. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for official requirements you must meet to qualify for a degree.

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