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Hosted by the School of Education at Concordia University Irvine, our School of Education Leadership Symposium provide fresh insights into the most relevant issues concerning educational leadership. Each half-day symposium features distinguished participants, administrators, and influencers in education who will present best practices across a variety of topics. The symposia are free to attend and open to the public.

Unprecedented: Escaping the Ghost of Education Past

Date: February 6, 2021, 8am – 12pm PDT
Speaker: Dr. David Miyashiro
Location: ZOOM

We've heard a lot of talk about how COVID has and will change education and the way we do school.  We've also heard an equal amount of sentiments of how we just want things to go back to normal.  But the truth is... Pre pandemic the school wasn't working for most kids.  The 1.8 trillion outstanding student loan debt (Federal Student Aid), lack of working Americans engaged and satisfied in their employment (only 35% - Gallup 2020), and the misalignment between K-16 education and the skills needed in the workforce are reported in every sector.  These are the direct outcomes produced by the modern day education system America pre COVID.  

We need to look at the pandemic not as a change-agent for public education, but rather an accelerant.  Technology adoption for individual students in the K-12 sector went from 10% in the United States to nearly 95% in a matter of months.  What have we been doing the last 20 years?  Flexibility with where, when, and how students learn and identify new models of education were the intent of the Charter School Movement in the 1990s.  By the end of March 2020 just about every student in the world was learning remotely.  We've known for centuries that the school system is a cornerstone in the ecosystem of our economy and essential workforce yet we only now are leaning into the needs of our working families as they struggle to work without the ability to send their children to school.  

In this symposium we will explore how we leave the Ghost of Education Past for the Promise of Education Future.  We will dive deep into strategies and lessons learned along the way as the Cajon Valley Union School District has worked to course-correct an education system that has been outdated over a century.  We will also dive deep into the challenges and tools to tackle how we change hearts and mindsets in our schools and district offices to enable this work to happen.


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Currently Enrolled MAED Students

Students in the MAED: Educational Administration degree program are required to attend 3 symposia and complete an assignment for each as part of their coursework. The 3 symposia are embedded in the Leadership Academy courses (561, 562, 563). Students will be notified when it is time to register.

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Speaker: Dr. David Miyashiro

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Dr. David Miyashiro currently serves as Superintendent of the Cajon Valley Union School District. David was named 2016 Superintendent of the Year by the Association of California School Administrators Region 18.  With David's leadership, Cajon Valley has undergone a seamless transition to the digital age. Cajon Valley has achieved system-wide success with blended and personalized learning where all teachers and students have 24/7 access to their own district issued laptop, internet connectivity, and a digital ecosystem of robust resources and creativity tools.


In 2015, The Cajon Valley Union School District was inducted by Digital Promise into The League of Innovative Schools, a bipartisan nonprofit, authorized by Congress in 2008 as the National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies through Section 802 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, signed into law by President George W. Bush.  This distinction ranks Cajon Valley in the top 73 US school districts for innovation and digital learning. David believes the role and impact of public educators go far beyond the classroom walls. "In order to keep pace with the rapidly changing world, our systems of public education both in California and the United States must be in a constant state of evolution.”

David formerly served as the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for the Encinitas Union School District. In this role he designed and implemented a one to one digital learning initiative as well as a comprehensive yoga-based health and wellness program. David served as a Principal in the Fullerton and East Whittier School Districts. There he led two Title I schools with challenging demographics successfully out of program improvement status with a combined API growth of over 240 points. David completed his doctoral studies at UCLA, Masters of Education at Grand Canyon University, and Bachelor’s Degree at Long Beach State University.

Most recently, David was appointed by the CA State Board of Education to serve as co-chair for California's committee tasked with bringing Computer Science to all K-12 students.  David was also appointed to the California School Boards Association President's advisory council.  Cajon Valley completed its' first round of development of a comprehensive K-12 Career Development and Well Being Program called "The World of Work".  This work has gained international recognition and is now available to LEAs and K-12 systems looking to bridge the gap between Education and the Workforce.  

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