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“War and Peace”

Franz Joseph Haydn, MASS IN TIME OF WAR
Ralph Vaughan Williams, DONA NOBIS PACEM

Concordia Master Chorale
Concordia Choir
MasterWorks Orchestra
Michael Busch, conductor

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“Lord, grant us peace.” Our concerts this year feature three choral-orchestral masterworks that bear an ancient cry for peace from a world seemingly dominated by war. As Austria feared invasion by Napoleon's troops in 1796, Haydn wrote his Missa in tempore belli (Mass in the Time of War). Subtitled also as Paukenmesse (Kettledrum Mass), it features the dramatic and unexpected use of timpani in the Agnus Dei. In 1947, Arnold Schoenberg penned a cantata in tribute to victims of the Holocaust, telling the story of a survivor from the Warsaw concentration camp during World War II. Our final work is Vaughan Williams’ Dona nobis pacem (Grant us peace), written in 1936 after World War I and as a second war seemed imminent. His landmark score combines the Mass text Agnus Dei along with biblical references and three Civil War poems by Walt Whitman. A musical highlight of the year!