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Liberal Studies Major

Physical Education Concentration

School of Education



  • Liberal Studies Major: Physical Education Concentration
  • 12 Units
  • KIN 304: Motor Learning and Control
  • 3

This course will give an overview of significant behavioral theories which influence and determine the learning and production of motor skills. Included will be learning theories and motor control theories as well as application of theory to motor performance.

  • Choose 3 of the following courses:
  • KIN 105: Christian Wellness
  • 3

A foundational exploration into Christ-centered wellness and how to construct a comprehensive strategy to develop and maintain personal wellness in relationship with God.

  • KIN 303: Health Education
  • 3

Students will learn how to provide comprehensive school health education programs that incorporate concepts of maintaining balance in the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, economic, vocational, and spiritual components of life. Offered alternate years.

  • KIN 305: Motor Development
  • 3

This course will study motor skills and physical development from birth to adulthood with an emphasis on infancy, childhood, and adolescence including neurological, physiological, intellectual, social, and emotional factors that influence gross and fine movement activities.

  • KIN 320: Historical, Social, Cultural Foundations of Sport and P.E.
  • 3

This course will present and discuss the philosophical, historical, and sociological constructs relevant to sport and physical education. Philosophy of sport will explore ways to understand sport involvement. History of sport will be explored from Ancient Greece to modern times. Sociology of sport will be explored regarding current challenges, relevant issues, and controversies in sport and physical education.

  • KIN 370: Adaptive Physical Education
  • 3

An analysis of how physical education, sport, and physical activities can be adapted to meet students' special and unique needs will be examined in this course including an analysis of motor and intellectual development, appropriate skill progressions, and an examination of various diseases and genetic conditions that lead to adaptation needs. Offered alternate years.

  • KIN 376: Physical Education Management
  • 3

An evaluation of how to develop physical education lesson plans and curriculums will be examined in this course including practical tips for creating effective teaching environments and teaching developmentally appropriate skills and activities. Offered alternate years.

See requirements for Liberal Studies major coursework.

Current students, please note: The requirements listed here may not reflect the most current courses for this major and may not be the requirements for the catalog year you are following to complete your major. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for official requirements you must meet to qualify for a degree.

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