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Liberal Studies Major

Music Concentration

School of Education



  • Liberal Studies Major: Music Concentration
  • 12-13 Units
  • MUS 201: Music Theory I
  • 3

As a beginning study of the craft of music for music majors and minors or general students with considerable musical experience, this course will include the study and application of scales, intervals, triads, rhythms, and elementary chord progression through analysis and writing. Co-requisites: Normally taken concurrently with MUS 211. Recommended MUS 102 or other training in the fundamentals of musical notation. A class fee is required to cover the cost of concert attendance.

  • MUS 211: Aural Skills I
  • 1

This course will provide students with the training and tools that will aid in the development of sight-singing, dictation, and basic keyboard skills that support basic concepts as they learn to hear and identify basic harmonic (intervals, triads, and chord progressions) and rhythmic and melodic materials using the moveable-do solfege system.

  • MUS 332: Music History II: Classical Period through Early-Twentieth Century
  • 3

This survey course will look at the development of art music in Western history from the early classical period to the present, including the social functions of music, the relationship between secular and ecclesiastical music, and vocal and instrumental music. Prerequisite: MUS 202 or instructor approval. Offered alternate years.

  • MUS 461: Music for Children
  • 3

This course will enable students to identify, understand, and work with the music capabilities of children. The three (3)-unit course is required for music education and liberal studies majors and others interested in developing school music curricula and/or other special skills and projects. The two (2)-unit course is available to others primarily interested in preparing musical activities and cultivating classroom teaching skills. Basic music reading ability and musical experience recommended.

  • Choose two or three units from the following courses:
  • MUS 221: Beginning Conducting
  • 2

As a beginning study in the craft of conducting, this course will include the basic beat patterns, preparatory and release gestures, and simple non-verbal stylistic cues. Students will conduct a musical ensemble composed of class members.

  • MUS 412: Instrumental Methods and Repertoire
  • 2

This advanced instrumental music methods course will focus on repertoire, rehearsal management, advanced conducting issues and techniques, pedagogy, planning, and administration. Prerequisites: MUS 202 and MUS 222 or consent of the instructor. Offered alternate years.

  • MUS 441: Handbell Methods and Repertoire
  • 3

This course will study the organization and directing of handbell programs. The one (1)-unit course includes a philosophy of handbell ringing, methods for beginning ringers, materials and equipment, recruitment, and handbell literature for school and church. The two (2)-unit course adds literature, curriculum, and methods for more advanced ringers, small ensembles, and solos. The three (3)-unit course adds work in composition and arranging for handbells as well as advanced conducting. Prerequisites for one (1) or two (2) units: Experience with handbell ringing and familiarity with musical notation; for the three (3)-unit course: MUS 202 and MUS 222.

  • MUS 451: Music Cultures of the World I
  • 3

This course will introduce students to the study of music as a universal cultural phenomenon and the discipline of ethnomusicology with exposure to the musical and social aspects of folk, traditional, and art music of Latin America, Africa, India, North America, Southeast Asia, and contemporary mass media. Prerequisite: MUS 102 or MUS 111 or MUS 112 or MUS 201 or equivalent knowledge and experience in music strongly encouraged. Offered alternate years.

  • MUS 471: Choral Methods and Repertoire
  • 3

This advanced choral music methods course will focus on repertoire, rehearsal management, advanced conducting techniques, vocal pedagogy, planning, and administration. Prerequisites: MUS 202 and MUS 222 or consent of instructor. Offered alternate years.

See requirements for Liberal Studies major coursework.

Current students, please note: The requirements listed here may not reflect the most current courses for this major and may not be the requirements for the catalog year you are following to complete your major. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for official requirements you must meet to qualify for a degree.

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