CUI Forensics Profile: David Saulet

September 23, 2019 - 2 minute read

David Saulet

Graduation year and major

I graduated from Concordia in 2015. I majored in Communication Studies.

What was your favorite thing about being a part of Concordia Forensics?

I really appreciated the diversity of perspectives and life experiences present on the team, which I feel created a very socially and intellectually engaging team atmosphere.

What did you accomplish as a member of Concordia Forensics of which you are most proud?

I am most proud of helping Concordia take home 1st place Sweepstakes at NPDA nationals both as a competitor in 2013 and Assistant Director in 2015.

What’s a fond memory of Concordia that you hold?

I really cherish all of the extra practice hours that our team would put in on weekends and evenings. Late nights writing files before tournaments in the squad room really helped the whole group bond that much more.

What, in your opinion, makes Concordia Forensics unique from other forensics programs?

Concordia Forensics is unique in that the program rose to prominence via the concentration of highly talented homeschooled and community college transfers (like myself). The program just has such a strong legacy in relation to its relatively young age.

Tell us a little bit about your current or most recent job.

I’m currently the Executive Director of Club Parli, an after school debate organization that provides Parliamentary debate instruction to middle and high schools throughout the Bay Area. In this capacity, I’m able to aid students in becoming stronger critical thinkers and advocates. I also serve as the Curriculum Director of Urban Parli, a non-profit organization dedicated to increase access to debate opportunities in economically underserved student communities in Oakland. Guided by a firm belief that dialogue and civil discourse are vital to our Democracy, I’m incredibly grateful to be in a position to use the skills acquired through debate in order to shape the minds of future leaders.

What part of speech/debate have you found the most useful in your career?

Definitely the people skills -- so much of thriving in debate is predicated on building relationships steeped in mutual respect, trust, and common goals.

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