CUI Forensics Profile: Allison Bowman

September 23, 2019 - 2 minute read

Allison Bowman

Graduation year and major

I graduated from Concordia in 2013. I majored in Communication Studies and minored in Economics.

What was your favorite thing about being a part of Concordia Forensics?

I love the family element of the team. Having a group of smart, driven, and talented people to hang out with was incredible. I always felt like I had somewhere I belonged with the team. The squad room also felt like a home away from home. It seemed like no matter when I went to the squad room there were always people there.

What did you accomplish as a member of Concordia Forensics of which you are most proud?

For years, no one from our district advanced to elimination rounds at the American Forensics Association National Tournament. In 2013 I ended the “D1 Drought” by advancing my Communication Analysis piece to semifinals.

What’s a memory of Concordia Forensics you hold dear?

My favorite memory competing was from a tournament my senior year. Concordia only sent 2 people to the tournament. It was just me and one of my good friends Danielle. We both did very well at the tournament making it to elimination rounds in multiple events. Despite only having 2 people from our team there we won sweepstakes! I am still in awe that just the two of us were able to score more points than schools that sent their entire team. This truly was a testament to the quality of training people on the team receive.

What, in your opinion, makes Concordia Forensics unique from other forensics programs?

At most 4 year institutions the speech and debate teams have limited contact with each other and function as separate teams. However, at Concordia speech and debate are together which really helps to build that family vibe. It was also great to get feedback on speeches from debaters. They sometimes have different perspectives than people who just do speech so it really helped to make my performances and speeches more well rounded.

Tell us a little bit about your current or most recent job.

I teach and coach at Moorpark college. Hopefully I’ll be tenured by the end of this year! I teach Intro to Public Speaking and Argumentation and Debate. Teaching at Moorpark has been an absolute dream. I am able to use the extensive training I learned in forensics to engage students and help them learn the fundamentals of speech. I also coach debate, limited prep, and platform events for the forensics team.

What did Concordia Forensics teach you that helps you in your career?

Since I am coaching forensics now I not only use all the skills I learned at Concordia, I also teach them to the next generation of forensics students. The most valuable skill I learned was how to connect with an audience. I view everyday in the classroom as a performance. Forensics really taught me how to engage each person in an audience and keep them entertained. When students are engaged in a lesson they are more likely to retain the information. If I hadn’t had the experiences and training that I got through Concordia’s Forensics program I would not be where I am today.

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