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Engage as Global Citizens

International Students

Engage as Global Citizens

Global village members

Global Village

The Global Village is one of four Living-Learning Communities at Concordia. It leads the campus in exploring what “global community” means and what it actually looks like in everyday living. In addition to attracting local students passionate about travel, global issues, world cuisine, and building authentic cross-cultural friendships, the Global Village positions international students to play an active role in shaping the communal experience with their cultural expertise and perspectives.

Faculty-in-Residence: Jeff & Stacie Mallinson (2013-16), Alanna Bretzmann (2017 Spring), Caleb & Jennifer Karges (2017 Fall to present)

Global citizens club

Global Citizens Club

The Global Citizens Club is a student-led club that empowers CUI students to become true global citizens through learning celebration and service. Events provide a platform for students around the world to collaborate on meaningful goals and to celebrate their differences, instead of being divided by them.

culture fest

Culture Fest

CultureFest is an annual tradition and the longest-running campus-wide event at CUI. In addition to an outdoor lunch and mainstage performances, international students step up to represent and share their culture through food, visual displays, dress, and storytelling.

International student ambassadors group

International Student Ambassadors

International Student Ambassadors (a.k.a. ISAs) are a team of globally engaged local or international student volunteers who are positioned to help new international students feel welcome and supported at Concordia. As a student leadership position, the ISA role can strengthen resumes, serve as a foundation for requesting references from International Center staff, and function as a preparation for future opportunities.

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