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Master of Arts in Church Leadership

Master of Arts Church Leadership

Note: The 17 units of the MA Theology Core Curriculum are completed as an undergraduate student.

  • Master of Arts Church Leadership
  • Core Curriculum completed as an undergraduate student
  • 17 Units
  • Church Leadership Emphasis
  • 21 Units
  • MACL 502: Spiritual Care
  • 3

MACL 502: Spiritual Care

  • MACL 530: Communicating the Gospel I
  • 3

MACL 530 – Communicating the Gospel I

  • MACL 531: Communicating the Gospel II
  • 3

MACL 531 – Communicating the Gospel II

  • THL 540: Entrepreneurial Mission Planting
  • 3

Explores business and entrepreneurial methods as they apply to church planters and new mission starts. Practical emphasis upon understanding entrepreneurial leadership, team ministry, learning from success, dealing with risk, reaching new people, developing marketing materials, financial planning and cash flow, and balancing a busy life will be presented by guest lecturers experienced in entrepreneurial church leadership.

  • THL 540: Pastor as Missionary
  • 3

THL 540 – Pastor as Missionary

  • TPRC 542: Lutheran Worship in Cultural Context
  • 3

TPRC 542 – Lutheran Worship in Cultural Context

  • Choose one of the following exegetical electives
  • TEXO 510: Old Testament Book Option
  • 3

TEXO 510 – Old Testament Book Option

  • TEXN 510: Synoptic Gospels and Acts
  • 3

This course will offer a comprehensive overview of all isagogical information concerning the Synoptic Gospels and Acts. An individual Gospel will be selected and translated with a focus on the theological meaning, emphasis, and its modern application. Prerequisite: TGRE 502.

  • TEXN 520: Pauline Epistles
  • 3

This course will offer a comprehensive overview of the Pauline corpus (excluding the prison and pastoral epistles with an in-depth study of correspondence with one of the congregations including an inspection of the literary, cultural, and structural issues with attention paid to the theological content, meaning, and suggested applications for contemporary issues. Prerequisite: TGRE 502.

  • TEXN 540: Paul’s Prison Epistles, Pastoral Epistles, General Epistles, & Hebrews
  • 3

Paul’s Prison Epistles, The Pastoral Epistles, General Epistles, and Hebrews

The course offers a comprehensive overview of all isagogical information concerning Paul's Prison Epistles, the Pastoral Epistles, the General Epistles and Hebrews. Individual books will also be selected for in-depth translation and application. Particular attention will be paid to the pastoral and church related issues proclaimed in the epistles towards a practical competency of leading a congregation in the ethnic, multi-cultural context of modern pastoral mission work. Prerequisite: TGRE 502 or equivalent.

  • TEXN 532: Apocalyptic/Johannine Literature
  • 3

This course will offer a comprehensive overview of the Johannine Corpus and an in-depth study of one of the books as the literary genre, exegetical, and interpretational issues are examined and how they enhance one's understanding of the book. Prerequisite: TGRE 502.

  • Internship & Residency
  • 15 Units
  • MACL 570: Ministry Internship I
  • 3

MACL 570 – Ministry Internship I

  • MACL 571: Ministry Internship II
  • 3

MACL 571 – Ministry Internship II

  • MACL 580: Ministry Residency
  • 9

MACL 580 – Ministry Residency

Current students, please note: The requirements listed here may not reflect the most current courses for this major and may not be the requirements for the catalog year you are following to complete your major. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for official requirements you must meet to qualify for a degree.