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Expert Guest Speakers

The Teen Entrepreneur Academy (TEA) invites business experts, successful company presidents, entrepreneurs, and distinguished business professors to serve as guest speakers. This interaction supplements the lesson plans and provides an extra dimension of real-world learning from leaders who have been there, having started, grown businesses, and teach on business principles and entrepreneurship. TEA is honored to have the individuals listed below as guest speakers/teachers over the past few years.

Speaker Phillip Chang, Founder, Yogurtland, TEA founder Stephen Christensen
Speaker Wing Lam, Founder, Wahoo's Fish Tacos
Students touring manufacturing facility
  • Salma Alemi, Founder,
  • Cecilia Abadie, Founder, 33 Labs, and Google Glass Explorer
  • Karie Armstrong, CEO, TK Armstrong & Associates
  • Justin Barr, Co-Founder, TapIt
  • Christi Bravo, Bravo Consulting
  • Charles Brewer, President, C.W. Brewer Co.
  • Larry Broughton, CEO, Broughton Hospitality Group
  • Christopher Buckstein, Director, E-Village, Chapman University
  • Dr. Tammi Burkhart, Accounting Professor, Concordia University
  • Phillip Chang, Founder & CEO, Yogurtland
  • C.P. Chin, CEO, Express Manufacturing
  • Stephen Christensen, Business Instructor, Concordia University
  • Don Crevier, Owner, Crevier Classic Cars
  • Dr. William Crookston, Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Southern California (USC)
  • Shelly Ehler, Founder, ShowNo and ABC TV show Shark Tank winner
  • Roy Englebrecht, CEO, Roy Englebrecht Promotions
  • Tony Everett, Founder & President, Pure Game
  • Lee Fox, Social Entrepreneur, Founder,
  • Courtney Garkani & Amanda Penna, 17-year-old high school students, Co-Founders, Crest Independent
  • TR Garland, CEO, Referral Institute
  • Loreen Gilbert, Owner, Wealthwise Financial
  • Asya Gonzalez, Founder, StinkyFeet Clothing, 14-year-old entrepreneur
  • Eileen Hill, CPA
  • Scharrell Jackson, CFO, Squar Milner, CPA
  • Diana Kazer, Nutritionist, former professional soccer player, world champion bodybuilder
  • Wing Lam, Co-Founder, Wahoos Fish Tacos
  • Charles Lee, CEO, Ideation, author, Good Idea. Now What?
  • Barry Lieberman, CEO, Advantage Plus Marketing
  • Charles Lynch, Vice President, Irvine Chamber of Commerce
  • Giancarlo Maniaci, Co-Founder, TapIt
  • Noel Massie, President, UPS, Los Angeles
  • Michael Mattos, Founder, Encard
  • Eric McGrath, Chief Vision Officer, Driven for Life
  • Evan Money, Owner, Evan Money, Inc.
  • Keri Murphy, Founder & CEO, Inspired Living
  • Dr. Kit Nagel, Business Professor, Concordia University
  • Craig Olson, former CEO, Fresh Start Bakeries
  • Dale Partridge, Founder, Sevenly
  • Allison Piette, 17-year-old inventor/patent holder, Irvine
  • Valerie Red, Horse, Owner, Red-Horse Financial Group
  • Scott Sorrell, CEO, Sales Adrenaline, MBA Business Instructor, Concordia University
  • Jason Senn, Founder, Endless Summer Surf Camp
  • Brian Smith, Founder, UGG Boots
  • Dr. Carolyn Shiery, Marketing Business Professor, Concordia University
  • John Tummerillo, Founder, Green Law Partners
  • Derrick Waters, Director, UPS
  • Myron Weber, Managing Partner, Northwood Advisors
  • David Wheeler, Past President, Majestic Realty
  • Woody Young, President, California Clock Co.

Coaches and Mentors

Local business leaders also served as coaches and mentors to the individual student teams and reviewed the business plans, providing valuable feedback the day before the Business Plan Competition.

speaker Keri Murphy, Founder, Inspiring Living
  • Mark Bauer, Union Bank
  • Karen Boyd
  • Mike Capsuto
  • Terry Chambless
  • Bonnie Copeland
  • Bruce Corzine
  • Deverges Jones
  • Jim Edwards
  • Malcolm Giffen
  • Howard Hawkins
  • Siva Hari
  • Bob Lichtsinn
  • Michael Rodriquez
  • Phil Paul
  • Carlos Pena, CAPEN
  • Sean Phillips, Wells Fargo
  • John Pietro
  • Guy Marsala
  • Kurt Johnson
  • Michael Sawitz, Fast Start Studios
  • SCORE team-US-SBA
  • Naguin Guorgui-Tadros
  • Eileen Hill
  • Susan Walker
  • Scott R. Jones, Windes, CPA
  • Helena Sopwith
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