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Giving and Sponsorship Opportunities

The innovative Teen Entrepreneur Academy (TEA) business summer program for high school students who want to learn about entrepreneurship, company foundations, and how to start their own businesses would not be possible without the gifts and support from many donors and friends. Many low-income students who desire to attend, but whose parents simply cannot afford the fees are granted scholarships so that they can participate at little or no cost. Donors and corporate sponsors generously provide the financial support for the TEA scholarship program. Similar business summer camp programs charge more than $2,500 for students to enroll. Concordia University has intentionally kept the cost to attend the program ($1,250 for United States students and $1,850 for international students) as low as possible to encourage a larger participation of teenagers. This is not only an educational program, it is also an outreach and community service activity that Concordia is pleased to provide for future business leaders.

Since 2011, TEA has been blessed to be able to have granted over 250 scholarships to low-income students. The university is grateful to the TEA donors and sponsors.

On behalf of the future entrepreneurs, thank you for considering this giving opportunity. Feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions, [email protected] or (949) 214-3379.

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