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Description + Regulations

The Science Exposition allows students interested in science an opportunity to match their problem solving skills against other students with similar interests and provides an avenue for fellowship among LEST participants.

Team members should be present at the Science Exposition the entire time.

How to Participate

Each school is allowed one team of 4 students of at least 3 different grade levels. Alternates may be used if a team member is absent.

One adult “team sponsor” is allowed to accompany each team. Other parents, teachers, and family members will be asked to observe from the bleachers or sidelines and may not engage with students during the Science Exposition. The team sponsors are responsible for their team’s attendance and cooperation. The team sponsors do not participate in the Science Exposition and cannot talk to their team during any part of the Science Exposition.

Objectives of the Science Exposition

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method.
  2. Work cooperatively.
  3. Develop a testable hypothesis.
  4. Conduct an experiment to test their hypothesis.
  5. Critically analyze data results.
  6. Demonstrate ability to implement conclusions.

Science Team Leaders

Kelsey Henry
Crean Lutheran High School

Tanya Grasz
Orange Lutheran High School

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