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Description + Regulations

The Cheerleading Competition is conducted with two divisions: “A” and “AAA.” The “A” division is for schools with an enrollment of less than 75 students in 5th-8th grade, and the “AAA” division is for schools with an enrollment of 75 or more students in 5th−8th grade. Squads are comprised of 5th-8th grade students (male or female). Team trophies will be awarded to the highest scoring teams. The number of awards will depend on the number of squads in each division. LEST may also provide outstanding performance awards for individual or group demonstrations. Squads must be duly constituted by their respective school with an advisor in attendance. They must also have been in existence through basketball season, cheering at home and/or away games. No school may have more than one cheerleading squad competing at LEST.

How to Participate

  1. Cheerleading squads must register their team via the Registration Form on the LEST website. A copy of each team’s roster is to be submitted no later than November 30.
  2. Each cheer team is required to submit an in-order outline of their routine with a list of all stunts, stacks, dismounts, and tumbling that they plan to use for their LEST routine. Please include photocopies of the pages in the NFHS Spirit Rules Book where the stacks, stunts, dismounts, tumbling are shown to be legal. This outline must be received no later than January 18. Squads may eliminate stunts that they cannot perfect by LEST, but will not be allowed to add any new ones. Please send a list of any deleted items by February 1. The Judges will use these outlines as part of their scoring tools.


The LEST Cheerleading Competition date and time will be emailed and posted by February 1, 2022. It will run in conjunction with the LEST Dance Competition. The Cheerleading Competition will be first, then mats will be removed, and the Dance Competition will go second.

Even though the two competitions are run back to back, they are judged separately and on different criteria. Please pay close attention to the judging forms (available on the LEST website) for the respective competitions. Scoring is based on the fundamental skills listed on the judging forms. The judges scoring criteria will also be available on the LEST website.

In addition, the Cheerleading Squad may perform at the half time of their school’s LEST basketball game(s), as desired, and as time allows.

Major Requirements for Cheerleading Routines

  1. Squads must consist of 4 or more members with a maximum of 20 cheerleaders on the floor at one time.
  2. Total routine time limit is 3 minutes with no more than half of the routine done to music. Time begins with the first note of music or the first organized motion. Time ends when all team members have cleared the floor completely. Teams that exceed the total time limit will receive a 10-point deduction. Teams that exceed the one and onehalf minute music limit will receive a 10-point deduction.
  3. Music is required to be on a CD, thumb drive, cell phone, or MP3 player (not provided). All music must be properly registered on the Cheerleading Competition form listing Song, Artist, Album, and Recording label for each piece of music. This is due to copyright laws. No music with inappropriate language or theme will be allowed.
  4. Competition routines shall contain at least one chant/sideline cheer and one floor/crowd cheer. (Leading the crowd will increase your score as per the score guidelines.)
  5. All stunts must be performed on mats. Mats will be available and set up prior to the Cheerleading Competition.
  6. Additional information can be found in the Cheerleading Competition Rules located on the LEST website.

Judges + Timers

There will be both Standard Judges and Technical Judges for the Cheerleading Competition. Judges will be seated in the upper section of the East side of the gym. Keep this in mind when preparing your routines.

There will be two timers for the competition. One timer will be seated with the Judges and one will be on or near the floor. In the event that one timer finds a timing violation and the other does not, a time violation will be taken.

Score Sheets + Awards

Teams will receive their score sheets after LEST has concluded. They will be emailed within a few weeks after LEST has concluded. Team awards will be given out on Sunday at the Closing Ceremony.

LEST will NOT be videotaping the Cheerleading + Dance Competition.

Cheer Team Leaders

Karli Shutt
Concordia University Irvine
Director of Spirit Programs,
Head Stunt and Cheer Coach

Christine Consenza
Crean Lutheran High School
Vice Principal: Student Services

Lindsey Cerulle
Crean Lutheran High School
Saint Spirit Coordinator

Kimberly Hahn
Orange Lutheran High School
Director of Student Life

Shannon May
Orange Lutheran High School
Director of Student Activities

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