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The Concordia Experience for Musicians

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What is distinctive about music at Concordia?

Whether you are a music major or a musically-involved "non-major," you can count on becoming a close member of our renowned student-musician community. This is truly the heart of the Concordia Experience. At any given moment, students will be helping each other "get" the latest theory assignment from Dr. Geisler, collaborating on a new student-composed jazz combo piece, working out the tricky clarinet tutti passage from a soon-to-be-performed symphony, or just hanging out and telling stories. The music community at Concordia is not stratified - freshmen work closely with seniors and non-majors appear with music majors. We're all facing challenges and experiencing triumphs together.

Faculty Mentors
Concordia's faculty is committed to student learning. We do not use graduate assistants to teach courses - you will build a strong relationship with our faculty immediately. The faculty works together to monitor your progress. This means you'll probably be called in for one-on-one meetings regularly to assess and project your learning situation and to develop goals. You'll be assigned a music faculty member as your advisor, and you will always find the faculty available and eager to help you become the best you can be.

By the numbers: The average number of music majors per full-time equivalent faculty ...

... National average: 7

... at Concordia: 3

Faith and Ministry
Our musical ensembles are not only concert ensembles. We also are ministry ensembles. Tour concerts are often programmed to become profound statements of faith, ensembles of all stripes appear at worship services throughout Southern California, and within our ensembles we celebrate our relationships as Christians. With the added dimension of worship performance, there is no shortage of opportunities for musicians to have performance opportunities that exceed those at the typical university.

Liberal Arts Education
The best musicians are not only musicians, they are deep thinkers, strong communicators, skilled writers, and disciplined workers. This is all supported by Concordia's renowned liberal arts curriculum. In the work force, there are many tremendous musicians, but the most viable ones can create more than good music. Concordia develops the full potential of musicians.

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